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WINK & Thumbs Up Brand Presents: The Ins and Outs of Cannabis Vape Concentrates

Vaping cannabis concentrates has exploded in Canada since the launch of concentrates into the cannabis market in October 2019. Today, there are well over 200 vapes available for sale across the country with different names and formulations.

If you’re new to cannabis, cannabis concentrates can be tricky to understand. Our friends at WINK and Thumbs Up Brand recently launched their own 510 thread vape cartridges in distillate and full spectrum winterized oil options, so they’ve created a helpful guide below to help you navigate the world of cannabis vape concentrates.

WINK • Chalice 510 Cartridge

What are Vape Concentrates? 

This category is made up of 2 distinct methods of consumption:  self-contained concentrate cartridges (disposable vape pens, 510 cartridges and closed-system pod/battery) and “dabbing” cannabis concentrates through a “rig”.  Both, in actuality are forms of vaporization – although only the former is referred to as “vaping”.

Why do people love it?

  • It can hit you hard with one of the fastest onset times of cannabis products. Many people report feeling effects in around a minute.
  • Many consumers feel it’s better for them and easier on their lungs than smoking a joint or hitting a bong
  • It’s discrete with a less potent aroma than other consumption methods
  • It’s convenient and easy to use, and can fit in your pocket for when you’re on the go
Usage Instructions on WINK Packaging

How are they made?

Solvent based extractions, distillate or winterized oil, use a solvent like ethanol, butane or CO2 to help separate the desired cannabinoids and terpenes from the other compounds in the plant. These are the most widely available due to the ability to produce them in large quantities.  Solventless extraction uses more mechanical methods to gently remove tiny trichomes, the part of the plant with concentrated cannabinoids, and compress them into a concentrate.

With hundreds of vapes to choose from, how do you go about picking what’s right for you?

Better question – how do you know what you don’t know?

Here’s a quick chart to guide you through the different formats of concentrates.

Cannabis Concentration Chart

WINK’s vapes – Chalice and Onyx – are made using a high quality, full spectrum winterized oil to take advantage of the entourage effect. A wide spectrum of cannabinoids means that many of the natural compounds founds in the plant are preserved, not just THC and CBD, while removing any impurities.  This process creates a potent cannabis oil that is visually saturated with a stronger cannabis taste.

On the other hand, Thumbs Up Brand vapes – Indica King Louis XIII and Sativa Lemon Burst – are made of distillate oil, which means it’s been further refined to increase potency and remove the taste of cannabis for a smoother pull.  Terpenes are introduced back in for more focused flavour profiles.

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect refers to the full effects and benefits that are achieved when all the compounds within the cannabis plant work together. Many, us included, believe that by combining the full spectrum of cannabis compounds – cannabinoids (THC and CBD), terpenes and more – the effect is often stronger than consuming THC or CBD on their own in distillate form.

Whatever vape concentrate you choose, do your homework. Start low, go slow and figure out what works best for you. Any big questions? Best to ask your local Shiny Bud budtender.

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