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Shiny Bud Picks: The Edibles You Should Try

Cannabis flower is awesome in all its terpene-rich glory, but there is a certain spot reserved in the hearts of Canadians for edibles. Subtle, delicious, effective – and now six months fully-legalized in Canada (via the OCS in Ontario) – consumers have had the chance to research, try out, and familiarize themselves with the brands and products that have made it through the Health Canada approval process to vie for their attention.

Now that the choices are everywhere, the purchasing decision is harder than ever. Consumers are generally used to connecting with a brand via its branding and/or marketing — both of which are virtually impossible for cannabis in Canada.

Being the community-minded retailer that we are, Shiny Bud decided to take the initiative, extract some sales data and help you take the “leap” of faith, figuratively speaking. 

Below are some of the more popular choices available for purchase via our Shiny Bud click-and-collect website:

  • Aurora Drift – Grape Oasis Soft Chews
  • Aurora Drift – Raspberry Soft Chews 
  • Foray – Salted Caramel Chocolate Square 
  • Aurora Drift – Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate Square
  • Bhang – THC Milk Chocolate Bar


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