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Choosing the Perfect Mother’s Day Flower w/ Spinach & ShinyBud

There’s no better way to surprise mom on Mother’s Day than with some of her favourite flowers. There are all types of flowers in this world – some speculate close to 1000 flower species out there to choose from. So how do you find the PERFECT bunch for mom? Our friends at Spinach helped ShinyBud break down their number one selects.

Hold on, before we continue, let’s make sure we’re both talking about the same type of ‘flower’. We are referencing the super stanky, green buds that make your day illuminate – not the garden colourful type (even though these could be found in your crazy uncles garden).

Let’s dive right into Spinach’s top selects for Mother’s Day flower recommendations.


SATIVA – 180-220 mg/g THC
Tasting Notes: Citrusy, Fruity, Earthy

Hailing from the Santa Cruz mountains, this warm approachable strain is like a campfire that everyone can gather around. It’s one of the most widely popular strains available, and for good reason: it’s a direct descendent of Blueberry and Haze. This legend embodies every chill vibe you’d ever expect from the Pacific wonderland where it originates. If mom is a west coast hippie at heart, then Blue Dream will be a match for her.


SATIVA – 50-70mg/g THC | 50-70mg/g CBD
Tasting Notes: Sweet and Spicy

Inspired by reggae from the Caribbean, this celebrated strain rides a wave all its own. Equal parts THC and CBD, the only thing super high are the vibes. And that’s exactly why this strain continues to stick around. This strain is perfect for an at home dance party, celebrate mom with a living-room dance-off.


HYBRID – 180-220 mg/g THC
Tasting Notes: Sour, Citrusy, Earthy

This strain is renowned for delivering on expectations: smells like gas, gets you moving. But where does that Diesel aroma come from? Our best guess is a mixture of earthy terps like humulene, interacting with sharper notes from pinene and linalool. This is a nice hybrid for mom to enjoy if she wants to zone out to some of her favourite tunes on her day off.


INDICA – 180-240 mg/g THC
Tasting Notes: Spicy, Citrusy, Earthy

No offense to a certain Alberta band from the Mid-2000s, but this B.C. born indica is our favourite Canadian Rockstar. Just look at this photograph, and you’ll see why. Rockstar Kush nugs are loaded with sticky trichomes that make it great to roll with. Once lit, this strain amplifies the down-tempo vibes of green rooms worldwide. Give mom this strain for an afternoon of arts and crafts.

Now that you have some great options for mom. You need to know where to cop the goods. The best place to go is SHINYBUD. Fully stocked with all things Spinach, multiple locations across Ontario and most are even offering delivery. You have to be 19+ to purchase and/or browse the online store.

Always remember to #STAYSHINY and consume with caution.

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