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Cooking with Cannabis – Color Cannabis Kickstarts Your Cannabis-Infused Food Journey

Color Cannabis has put together some essential recipes to kickstart your cannabis-infused food journey. Today we are highlighting a simple to make and even simpler to enjoy recipe – Mango Haze Lemon Oil. This oil is an amazing addition to your cabinet because of its versatility and ease of use. A simple addition to a salad (highlighted below), a light drizzle on a fresh fish dish, or even a splash on your avocado toast. Before we begin how about some general housekeeping responsibility notes.

How to use Responsibly:

Onset times vary depending on the method of consumption, it takes longer to feel the effects of cannabis edibles and beverages compared to cannabis consumed by inhalation. Start with low THC, read product labels for approximate onset times, and wait to learn how you react.

Cannabis impairs your ability to drive. Make other plans for transportation, do not drive, and get home safely.

19+ ONLY
You must be 19 or older to enter the cannabis section of our stores. If you look under 30, have your ID ready.

Beverage alcohol and cannabis both impair judgment. They should be consumed separately as the level of impairment and side effects can be unpredictable when combined.

Oh, and even though these treats are tasty for adults, they MUST be kept out of reach of children. As with all other cannabis products, store any cannabis-infused food in a location not accessible by children. Lockable cases are available for purchase, too. When it comes to keeping cannabis away from kids, you can never be too careful.

Mango Haze Lemon Oil

Yields 1⁄3 cup.

1⁄3 Cups olive oil
3.5g Mango Haze Color Cannabis
1 Large lemon

Gather Your Ingredients!

• Oven
• Pot
• Baking sheet
• Cheese cloth
• Parchment paper

1. Preheat oven to 250°F
2. Grind your 3.5g of cannabis up until it matches the consistency of sea salt.
3. Place parchment paper on a baking sheet and evenly coat the tray with the ground cannabis.

Step 3 – Make sure to evenly coat your tray!

4. Place cannabis in to preheated oven for 1 hour.
5. After 1 hour remove cannabis from the oven and let cool.
6. Peel the lemon and set peel aside.
7. Place cannabis, oil and lemon peel in to a pot, bring to a medium low heat for two hours – stirring occasionally.

Step 7 – Do like Bob Marley and Stir It Up!

8. Drape your cheese cloth over a bowl and strain the infused oil ensuring the cannabis pieces aren’t present in the final mixture.
9. Allow oil to cool at room temperature.
10. ENJOY!

Lemon Oil Example: Use as a simple salad topper. Enjoy Responsibly.

Disclaimer: If you’re new to this whole “cooking with cannabis” thing and aren’t comfortable making your own cannabis-infused butter or oils, we recommend purchasing a balanced cannabis oil and using that. Start by adding just 2.5 mg of that oil to the recipe. Remember to start low and go slow, and always wait at least 24 hours before increasing the dosage.

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