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…hits from the bong

Bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and, well, looks.

There is the stereotypical plastic one, built to look phallic in a sense, that had everything you needed to get the job done. Bowl, stem, chamber. You pack your ground cannabis into the stem (clean screens only, please), fill up the bowl with clean, preferably distilled water, spark, let the smoke distill and fill, and riiip. 

*cough* *cough*

As a teen, they were a right of passage. Your sibling, hidden in the basement (or garage), invites you to hang with the older crowd, you nervously accept, take the hit, enjoy your “coolness” for a brief second, then accidentally – in a haze – knock the fragile medium over, breaking it, spilling bong water everywhere…. and, cast back off into awkward sibling-hated adolescence. 

But bongs have come a long way since then, thankfully, and we are proud to carry them online

Below are a few of the options available for purchase now:

Enter BRNT, a Canadian-made, design-forward, stigma-crushing new way to experience the beloved smoking device. Made from bump-proof, dishwasher-safe ceramic (if only they were available back then…), it starts a new chapter on the classic accessory, one that sheds the stoner vibe and brings it into a new, stigma-less – now legal – era. Aside from being able to proudly place on your bookshelf without feeling like you’ve just recreated the set of the movie Pineapple Express, ceramic construction allows for freezer storage, cooling the bong, which is a softer-on-the-lungs means of consumption. $179.99 online.

Though gorgeous and futuristic, there is something to be said about staying true to what you like: traditional glass, which is what you’re getting with the Bell Base Beaker. Fancier than its predecessor, but designed to be pretty enough to leave out in the living room, it adds a nice touch to an old past-time. $159.99 online.

The Session Goods simplistic bond falls somewhere in between the two aforementioned. Not drop proof ceramic, but also not big and in your face glass; it’s a small, simple take on the glass bong that works exactly as expected, while being a lot more convenient to take with on road trips.

All three are great in their own unique right and all can be added to any click-and-collect cannabis purchase today!

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