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Concentrates 101 w/ Kolab Project & ShinyBud Cannabis Co.

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of forms and flavors and are known for their high potency. Kolab Project, a Canadian licensed provider of cannabis with a reputation for purposeful and design-inspired cannabis products, offers concentrates in 510 threaded cartridges and unique diamonds. Below we’ll share more information on diamonds and cartridges, Kolab Project’s manufacturing process and safety standards, and how to navigate THC levels. We are also featuring some Kolab Project products along the way, which are available at a ShinyBud location near you.

Wait, what are Cannabis Concentrates?

Kolab Project concentrates are created by extracting cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and terpenes (fragrant oils) from a single strain of cannabis flower. Small batches of cannabis flower are hand-tended and flash frozen to preserve scent and flavor profiles. Flower is then processed through a closed-loop extraction system that extracts and then concentrates cannabinoids and terpenes. Kolab Project uses the latest manufacturing technologies and all products are rigorously safety-tested before reaching consumers. In comparison to edibles and flowers, concentrates are known for high THC levels and potency.

Choosing Concentrates

Because concentrates are highly potent and take effect immediately, you’ll want to choose a THC level based on your personal experiences with cannabis. Kolab Project Diamonds, a sparkling mass of concentrate for dab rigs and water pipes, have 900mg of THC per gram of concentrate. Carts or cartridges like Kolab Project’s Ice Cream Cake live terpene cartridges are also potent, with 430mg of THC per half gram, and are noteworthy for flavorful terpenes like Limonene. If you’ve used a 510 threaded vaporizer before, consider THC levels and frequency of inhalation. Whether you choose diamonds or carts, remember that slow and steady is the best starting pace.

Consuming Concentrates

Diamonds are commonly consumed at home; you’ll need a dab rig or water pipe and intense heat (usually a blowtorch) to activate the THC, but remember to exercise caution as you vaporize small pieces broken off from the diamond. ShinyBud staff are raving about hints of vanilla and citrus zest in the Ice Cream Cake live terpene carts, as well as the subtle aromatic nuances of this Ontario-grown indica strain. We’re excited that Kolab Project is catering to different audiences by offering Ice Cream Cake Live Resin Vape Carts, which will work with most 510 threaded batteries. Vaporizer cartridges are less involved, more discrete, and are an accessible point of entry into the world of concentrates. 

Kolab Project Black Cherry Punch Diamonds and live terpene carts; an exciting addition to the Kolab Project product lineup is newly available in store and online at ShinyBud. An indica strain, Black Cherry Punch is potent and highly-regarded for its flavor profile and relaxing, meditative effects. 

Remember to #StayShiny

Now that you are well on your way to becoming a concentrate connoisseur we want to once again remind you that slow and steady is the best way to start any sesh. It will ensure your experience will #StayShiny. We also want to give a shout-out to Kolab Project for supporting arts and culture in the cannabis space and for their commitment to environmental stewardship; Kolab Project concentrates ship in recyclable containers with biodegradable packaging! And be sure to check out Kolab Project’s thought-provoking artistic collaborations here.

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