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Weed Walks

It’s no secret that Toronto is one of the world’s great cities. According to the UN, we’re the most diverse place on the planet – people from more than 230 nationalities live here – and it’s hard to beat the great restaurants, the local sports scene, and the live theatre community. Unfortunately, almost all of the things that make Toronto great are off-limits right now thanks to the pandemic. That leaves going for walks and exploring nature as the only real options for getting out of the house and de-stressing.

But let’s face it: Toronto isn’t known for its natural beauty. Sure, we have Lake Ontario, the CN Tower, and some nice parks, but it’s not like we have soaring mountains or breathtaking views of the ocean. That can be a bit of a buzzkill for people who want to enjoy some cannabis and explore the world. What if we told you that the city is filled with secret paths and hidden enclaves that will make you completely forget about the Don River or the DVP? Here are some of our favourite outdoor places in the GTA to take a “Weed Walk” by yourself or with family and friends. 

#5 – Echo Valley Park. Just 8 km from the Shiny Bud store is a former farm planted by the “Nut Man of Islington” that has become a destination for local bird watchers.

#4 – King’s Mill Park. This is actually a chain of parks that snake up the west side of the Humber River. If you love being near water, this is worth a visit.

#3 – Etobicoke Valley Park. For a city as flat as Toronto, hearing about a “valley” might seem like a bit of an overstatement – but this west-end park lives up to its billing.

#2 – Cedarvale Ravine. Most downtowners who never venture north of Bloor Street might not realize that Toronto is actually built on a series of deep glacial ravines left over from the last ice age. This midtown park is perfect for a quick escape into nature.

#1 – L’Amoreaux Park/Passmore Forest. Yes. An actual forest. Right in the city of Toronto. This one is in the northeast corner of the city, and is well worth a drive.

There are hundreds of these hidden gems all over Toronto, but these five are a good place to start. When you visit, be sure to comply with rules on social distancing and smoking. Happy walking!

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