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More Bounce to Your Ounce – Celebrating 420 With Four Ways to Sesh a Full Ounce of Saturday Cannabis

It’s the most wonderful time of year – 420. A time of year where cannabis lovers from far and wide celebrate the beauty of our favourite ooey gooey plant.

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with our friends from Saturday Cannabis, who are marking the occasion by dropping brand new, one-ounce pouches of their signature, sesh-making dried flower.

Thinking of treating yourself with a big ’ol bag this holiday season? Check out these tips below to bring more bounce to your Saturday ounce.

Day 1: Joint Day 

Oooowee! We’re starting off our celebration by kickin’ it old school and twisting up seven one-gram fatties.

Pull the biggest, frostiest buds out of your Saturday pouch, and grind them up to a nice, even mill. Roll in your favourite method (filter first, filter last – you do you), use your favourite papers and don’t be afraid to take your time. Smell, savour and work that sticky icky to perfection, because nothing makes a sesh like an even-burning doob. Need a little guidance? We got you.

Stretch ‘em out, or smoke at your own pace – friends optional!

Day 2: Edible Day 

Next, you’ll want to scoop out a heaping, seven-gram spoonful of the good stuff. Get ready, because we’re going to get cookin! Choose a binge-worthy recipe that calls for butter or oil, because we’re making a mouth-watering batch of Saturday-infused edibles.

First, we’ve got to turn our green into gold. If you’ve never made infused oil or butter before, don’t worry; our friends from Color Cannabis outline the process here. Choose any Saturday cannabis you like, and substitute with your favourite oil or butter.

If you let it simmer and do its thing long enough, a quarter with decent THC usually turns into a pretty potent butter/oil. And even better – a little goes a looooong way.

A few rules of thumb: don’t choose a recipe that involves sautéing or frying, or you’ll burn off all those precious cannabinoids. Pick something that you can portion – whatever you don’t eat can be frozen. And take it easy! Have some non-infused snacks on the side so you can satisfy your munchies without going overboard.

Day 3: Volcano Day 

Pack your bags, we’re going on a trip! Because it’s unlikely any of us are going to Hawaii this 4/20, we’re bringing the tropics and heat home. If you’re unfamiliar with the Volcano, it truly is a thing of beauty. The shiny, funnel-shaped table-top accessory has long been a common tool of the armchair vapers for a 420 living room sesh.

Grind up your favourite Saturday flower into a fine, even consistency. Fill up the bowl, set the temp and watch the balloon inflate with potent, powerful vapour. The Volcano has long been a common tool in the at-home stoner’s arsenal; made by German hardware manufacturer STORZ & BICKEL, the craftsmanship and intuitive design of the Volcano has always had a reputation for delivering quality on its value.

 Day 4: Socially Distanced Sesh Day 

OK, real talk. We’ve all had a LOT of alone time over the past year. And if we’ve learned anything, it’s how important a quality solo sesh can be.

COVID control aside, a socially distanced Saturday sesh is perfect for smoking YOUR way, every time. And even better – you can bogart the WHOLE THING.

Whether it’s a big flavoured joint (chocolate chip cookie doughbanana cream or magic mint, anyone?) a zen-inspiring crystal bowl or fat hits from a cool, icy bong, solo consumption is the best way to use cannabis to reconnect with the most important in your sesh circle – you.

As always, consume responsibly.

  • Keep your stash away from children – lock it up!
  • Don’t drive, just get a ride from a driver with good jams, willing to stop at a drive-thru).
  • You must be 19+ to enter our stores. Have your ID ready.
  • Don’t mix cannabis and alcohol. Some things are best enjoyed on their own.
  • Go low and slow. You can always take more, but you can never take less!

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