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Illuminate a Covid-Friendly May 2-4 Weekend w/ ShinyBud & AceValley

May 24 weekend marks the beginning of summer across Canada. Created to honour the birthday of Queen Victoria, the holiday has transformed into a broader cultural celebration unfolding over the May long weekend. Whether in Toronto, Regina, Windsor, or Winnipeg, Canadians typically celebrate with fireworks, BBQs, food and drink, good times, and now, because of legalization, cannabis products. Ongoing quarantine means May 24 looks a lot different this year, but we can still celebrate the occasion with loved ones, friends, and family. ShinyBud and Ace Valley Cannabis have partnered to suggest Covid-Friendly activities that will help recreate a classic May 24 weekend wherever you are: 

Backyard Blazin’

National Parks and campsites may be closed, but backyard camping can approximate the great outdoors. If you have the space, and maybe even a backyard fire pit, change things up by pitching a tent and consuming cannabis in a private outdoor setting. Ace Valley vegan and gluten-free Gummies can add to the experience – we suggest stargazing into the cosmos or listening to music by the fire (at safe distances of course). Gummies won’t draw attention like Cannabis Flower and are noteworthy for their subtle, graduated effects. Put down your phone, gaze at the stars, and enjoy!

Lone Stone 

In warmer climates, consider a “Lone Stone” while hanging out on a pool floatie (we like donuts and flamingos). This is an opportunity to taste the different strains of Ace Valley’s Indica and Sativa Pre-Rolls. Don’t expect a cabana boy to bring you drinks, but a Lone Stone can offer a relaxing, meditative calm after months of monotonous quarantine. If THC is too much, try an Ace Valley CBD pre-roll, which provide subtle effects and earthy aromas. CBD pre-rolls come in packages of three and can be found at ShinyBud locations.Try a lone-stone during a sunny day of yoga or a “me-time” painting session. 

May 24 Movietime 

Ace Valley and Shiny Bud offer vaporizer kits and vaporizer cartridges with a variety of unique flavor profiles, tastes, and effects. Vaping has come a long way since the days of billowing smoke and “Vape Gods.” Now, vaporizing is better known for subtlety than massive clouds of vapor. If you’re new to vaping we suggest pairing an Ace Valley Sativa Vape Pen with one of your favorite Hollywood flicks, sitting back with snacks, and mellowing out. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Road Trip (2009) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) are epic, engaging films we highly recommend. 


Health and safety concerns mean we have to temporarily pause “Puff-Puff-Pass.” Cannabis connoisseurs use this term to describe a prominent ritual of cannabis culture where consumers take two inhalations (puffs), then hand off cannabis (pass) to another person who then repeats the process. For now, we’ll suggest “Puff-Puff-Puff” as an alternative strategy that works nearly the same way but without the handoff. And if you truly want to recreate May 24 vibes, arrange a Zoom or Facetime with a friend for a virtual session. 


Do you have a unique way of celebrating May 24 weekend? Leave a reply below and let us know how you plan to spend the day. Remember to enjoy Ace Valley and Shiny Bud products responsibly!

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