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Shiny Bud x Tsaichedelic: Collaborating for Charity

Something exciting is coming to a Shiny Bud store near you! We’ve partnered with Toronto designer Tsaichedelic to create unique, branded Shiny Bud shirts that directly benefit Canada’s cannabis community. Because there’s no better way to get into the Holiday season than to give back!

An important pillar of the Shiny Bud brand is education. We’re constantly looking to educate our Budtenders and clients on cannabis and products. After the recent events across the U.S. and Canada, we’ve also expanded our pillars, placing an emphasis on promoting diversity and inclusion. Every day, we work with our staff to become more socially conscious. With BIPOC impacted unfairly by Canadian cannabis regulations and experiencing stricter policing, these issues directly affect our cannabis community. To help further this initiative, a portion of every sale of our Shiny Bud x Tsaichedelic shirts will be donated to Cannabis Amnesty, a Toronto-based charity. Each shirt will be sold for only $60.81, representative of the year that the first black person arrived in Canada, starting the fight for inclusion and diversity.

In September 2017 — one month before cannabis legalization in Canada — lawyers, academics, social activists, and industry members came together to form Cannabis Amnesty. Their goal is to fight for a more equal cannabis community, ensure equal access to the legal cannabis market and to create a cannabis space where no one is harmed due to their race and usage of cannabis. They want to make the industry stronger and more inclusive. And that’s a goal that we can stand behind.

The partnership with Liv Tsai, creator of Tsaichedelic, grew naturally through a shared customer and fan. Liv shares our values and strives to help charities with every collaboration she undertakes, and we quickly realized that together we would be able to create something amazing: unique products that would be able to make the future a little better. Since the beginning of her business, only four months ago, Liv has used her platform and products to support local Toronto charities. She started tie-dyeing and selling socks, with proceeds going to COVID and BLM charities. Eventually, Liv partnered with other Toronto companies to create products and events that benefitted causes close to her heart. We’re honoured to be part of this latest collaboration, creating Shiny Bud x Tsaichedelic tie-dyed shirts. This is just the beginning of our collaboration, with many exciting projects to come.

Choosing a charity to collaborate with also came down to shared values. With diversity, inclusion, and support of minority communities as important pillars in both Tsaichedelic’s and Shiny Bud’s story, working with a charity that helps BIPOC and the cannabis community was only natural. Cannabis Amnesty is a Toronto-based charity, and we’re excited that two local Toronto brands can come together, support our community and collaborate on something that makes a difference in people’s lives.

If you’re interested in supporting Cannabis Amnesty, Tsaichedelic and Shiny Bud, or looking for great gift ideas this holiday season, you can purchase these unique, tie-dyed shirts online or in-store at our locations across Ontario.

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