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Pre-Rolls: one of the great conveniences of life

Some things in life are just better when someone else does it.

I mean, many of us like to cook, but we love to order in. We like brewing a fresh pot of coffee, but we love going out for a walk and grabbing a cup from a local spot. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to learn a new skill, but it’s also great to reward oneself with something that is done and ready to go.

Rolling a joint is as ritualistic as it is therapeutic for some people, but it can be a frustrating experience for others. Like all tasks, practice makes perfect. However, as a fundamental rule of smoking weed, all smokers, at bare minimum, should at least know how to roll their own joints….but who has the time? Especially when pre-rolls are not only available, but a solid choice – with all the terps and aromas included – and preferred among the many, many consumers who are looking for more accessible options.  

And did we mention how tidy it is to just pull out a pre-rolled joint? 

Pre-rolls mark the end of a) wasted kush that is better-suited smoked than on the floor b) watery eyes & congestion. Yes, weed is an allergen and, when touched by exposed hands, it can cause side effects.

So how to choose the right one? Well, for one, you can start with the following list! The best-sellers as chosen by customers at our Weston Rd location:

Good Supply – Royal Highness Pre-Roll – 1x1g

7Acres – Sensi Star Pre-Roll 2×0.5g

Solei – Balance Pre – Roll  – 0.5g

Tantalus Labs – Serratus Pre-Roll – 3×0.5g

Tantalus Labs – Sky Pilot Pre-Roll 3×0.5g

Each and every one of these delicious companions are available now via click and collect


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