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Pour, Mix, Sip

It’s only taken what seems like forever, but, finally, Toronto has consistently nice weather. 

All pandemic talk aside, being able to get outside and enjoy fresh air is a welcome change from the last few months of chilly isolation. We can’t hang with our friends on a patio, but we can hang with our families; and that kind of reconnection is probably overdue anyway.

Speaking of reconnecting, getting creative together is a really fun way to learn new things you didn’t know about loved ones. Dad loves his lager in a frozen mug, but has he ever tried mixing ginger ale into it? Mom loves her Long Island Iced Tea, but what about adding some lavender to the mix?

Nothing says summer quite like infused drinks, and we’re putting our own twist to them by adding cannabis. Already known for its calming effects, and the added benefit that it doesn’t cause hangovers, it’s the perfect addition to a refreshing summertime mixture.

To toast the season, the ShinyBud Bud tenders got creative with some of our most popular sellers. Here’s a DIY list of Cannabis Infused beverages you can make at home. 

Infused Lemonade:

Dissolvable TGOD THC Powder, Lemonade, Ice.

Ginger Ale Shandy:

Bakerstreet & Ginger, non-alcoholic beer, served on ice

Raspberry Beret:

Houndstooth & Soda, raspberry juice, served on ice

Sugar and Spice:

Lavender Chamomile tea, simple syrup, lemon juice

All products listed above can be found in our online store and are available now to purchase via click and collect!

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