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Welcome to Toronto

If you’re an American thinking about coming to Canada, you’re not alone. Last year more than 13 million of your countrymen decided to cross over to the Great White North, and the number is expected to increase this year as fewer people plan overseas adventures. Not surprisingly, nearly 4 million of them choose to visit Toronto, which is a day’s drive (or less) from Boston, New York, Washington, DC, and other major east coast cities. And many of these tourists will be looking for access to legal cannabis, which is something that most Americans can’t get at home.

The problem is that once the tourists arrive, they don’t really know where to go. 

Cannabis may be legal here, but it’s not easy to find. There is a common theme of frustration when it comes to retail availability;  it’s not everywhere, and retail hours vary. What’s more upsetting is that most of the publicly-available information is wrong. For example, a quick search reveals two legal cannabis stores in Toronto with incorrect hours listed on their Google pages. And many places that are listed as open are no longer in business.

The good news is that buying cannabis doesn’t need to be such a hassle! Our friends from the United States should be able to arrive in Toronto, find a store in a convenient location, get the products they want, and enjoy the rest of their vacations. That’s where Shiny Bud comes in. Our store is actually the closest cannabis store to Pearson International Airport (better known to Rush fans as “YYZ”) – it’s only 10 minutes away! And we’re open from 10am to 11pm seven days a week, so you’ll never have to stand outside a closed store.

Know the Rules!

Just because cannabis is legal in Canada doesn’t mean that you can use it anywhere. Think of it like alcohol or tobacco: you need to be mindful of both the law and common courtesy. For example, places where cigarettes aren’t allowed (like stadiums or concert venues) aren’t friendly to smoke of any kind. And restaurants, buses, and subways are also off-limits. The difference is that if security (or the police) stop you, it’s not as legally perilous as it would be in Texas or Nebraska.

But the most important rule is don’t fly home with Cannabis. There are signs all over both Toronto airports warning passengers not to fly to the U.S. with cannabis. It’s fine to fly with it within Canada, but crossing over the border is no joke. That’s because possession of cannabis is STILL a federal crime in the U.S., and you will be in for a world of hurt if you get stopped by Border Patrol. Make sure you go through all of your bags (and coat pockets!) before heading to the airport.

See You Soon

So, once you decide to make the cross-border trek, know the Canadian cannabis laws, have fun, and consider your friends at Shiny Bud. We’re at 2625 Weston Rd., seven days a week. Come by and say hello.

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