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Keepin’ Your Flower Fresh

We’ve spoken at length about how to roll and cook with cannabis, how strains got their names, and more, but there is one very important topic that has seemingly gone overlooked: how to keep your cannabis as fresh as the day it was packed!

Terpenes are everything. Most of the time when you’re shopping for cannabis, the smell of the flower helps sell it. Looking for something sweet and floral? Want something earthy and citrusy? The buds can go any way, and these flavour profiles are proof that the cannabis flower is fresh and ready for consumption.

Not everyone uses all of the cannabis they’ve purchased at once. And for good reason – not everyone can go through 3.5 grams in a night! If you’re like us, and like to pace yourself, you want to keep that flower as fresh as the day you bought it.  

Here are 5 tips in doing so:

  1. Store in a glass jar with an air-tight lid. 
  2. Keep it in the plastic, AGCO-approved container in which it came. Like a prescription bottle, they are designed to keep contents dry and safe from contamination. 
  3. If you can, and have a lot of it, vacuum seal your bud. Sealing cannabis in containers made of bisphenol-free plastic keeps your bud healthy and fresh for a longer period of time.
  4. Always go for a dark container over a see-thru one. The more light your flower sees, the less chance it has of staying fresh.
  5. Moisture-absorbing packets for the win! Unmonitored humidity levels can damage the bud by breaking down trichomes and cannabinoids present in cannabis. This can severely alter the potency, as well as the aroma, of the weed. Brands like Boveda come with salt and water-absorbent beads that regulate the relative humidity level. They absorb excess moisture and add back whenever necessary. Keep food safe moisture-absorbing packets when you can and reuse them with your cannabis to keep it fresh!

We want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible, and an important part of that is having fresh weed. Next time you buy a little too much, try out one of these tricks. We know that it will go a long way to keepin’ your flower fresh.

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